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Techno Synthesis

Airport - 1987 - "searching for" .....

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens music Cybe
john was trying to contact aliens

A documentary from Matthew Killip.
With some music from Cybe.

Matthew Killip is a British filmmaker living in New York City. His short documentaries have played at film festivals around the world,

Some music from Cybe is used in the documentary “John was trying to contact aliens”.
Music from Cybe start in the documentary at 7:05 minutes.

music John Was Trying to Contact Aliens

Musician CYBE (Siebe Baarda) plays: keyboard, DAW, sounds & samples.
In earlier recordings he also played Eastern instruments like Saron (gamelan), Tinklik (Balinese bamboo), gongs.


After a period of 15 years Cybe is making music again.
But not anymore with the Mini-Moog, Akai tape-deck or sampling machine AkaiS2000. It’s now with the DAW Reason.

Cybe started playing music at the age of 15 on a simple organ. At that time he started listening to music from Kraftwerk, Schulze and Tangerine Dream. He was also influenced by artists like Steve Hillage & Tim Blake. A few years later he was experimenting and playing with the legendary Mini-Moog & Arp Odyssey. The first tapes were coming. Cybe played several times live on stage. Once he played in a synthesizer group for an audience of 1000 people.

A few years ago Stroom distributed a a vinyl record with a compilation of older music.
Those songs were from tapes from the 80’s.

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Cybe synthesizer Tropisch Verlangen


Siebe Baarda Fotografie
Cybe synthesizer Tropisch Verlangen

Eastern Western Soundscapes

Cybe’s music is a fusion from East & West.

East-West Synthesis.

A Mix:

Burgers Bush

Photography at Burgers Zoo, Arnhem.


Photography in North-Thailand.

Older Work

Positive Movement Muzak

Tropical Desire




Tropisch Verlangen

Review “Tropisch Verlangen”

Review on

This collection of new age, which gathers tracks from a series of tapes originally issued in the 1980s, shows how instrumental textures from around the globe met early electronics.

New age music has recently experienced a surge in popularity, seemingly as the last bastion of untapped old music to be explored (or plundered) by record nerds. There are endless spiritual-sounding albums from the 1980s that leveraged then-emerging digital technologies to create inhuman drones or pompous soft synth riffs, the yoga lover’s version of a shredding guitar solo. Flute, digitized or otherwise, was often involved, sometimes for the worse. But occasionally these new age explorers got it right, finding a middle ground between the modern classical of the ’60s and ’70s, and the devotional music drawn from an array of religious practices. But where so many artists relied solely on the synthesizer for their sounds of soft ascension, Cybe, otherwise known as Siebe Baarda, got busy in the kitchen, throwing all the ingredients in the soup.

The record’s lore feels almost too good to be true.

Read more about this record on Pitchfork.

Photography by Cybe / Copyright Siebe Baarda


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